Hello world? 

After at least a year of erikhess.com displaying only the text “Soon…” its about time that “soon” finally happened.

I’ve been wanting to get this going for awhile now but I’ve finally settled on a good static page generation framework (Hugo) and a theme to start with (dream-plus) so its time to get moving.

What’s this thing all about anyway? 

Since leaving my old day job at Code 42 in late May this year I’ve been continuously keeping myself busy with personal projects that I had on the back burner for years - this site being one of them. Here are a few topics I’m probably going to be posting into over the coming days, weeks and months.

  • Hacking Embedded/IoT Devices
    • Microcontroller basics, Finding JTAG/SPI/etc, getting firmware binaries, making fun changes
  • Arduino/Microcontroller Projects
    • Getting started & workbench setup, various projects in progress or recently completed
  • Eve Online API Development
    • Using the new ESI Swagger-based API, OAuth via Eve Online SSO, existing frameworks for popular languages with examples
  • Random Fixes for Random Problems
    • Sometimes Google’s no help in fixing an issue and I just won’t take no for an answer. I should be sharing these fixes, paying it fowrard, so someone’s future web search is a bit more fruitful. :)

I’m also looking into setting something up to post at least a photo portfolio and, at most, a major chunk of my photo archives from 2008-2016. I’ve got a lot of interesting work in there and I think this static page framework may offer some much more intersting options for generation of galleries from metadata, among other things.

What about noisedamage.com, the old live music photo blog? 

I knew early on that building that site on wordpress using plugins to pull most of the photos from Photoshelter and Flickr meant that it’d fall apart pretty quickly if any of the (quite fragile) underlying APIs or URL structures changed. And they did.

Soon the noisedamage.com site is going to go offline until I cook up a suitable replacement.

The glory days will still be available via the Wayback Machine, of course. :)

Ask and Ye Shall Receive? 

Holla at me at me@erikhess.com if there’s anything you’ve heard me ramble about in real life that you think the world might find interesting!